BVI company setup, company secretary|Your BVI registered agent

Being the reputed BVI registered agent, through the BVI company setup & BVI company secretary services, Executive Solutions Limited helps to conduct your investment business and your international trade.

BVI company setup, company secretary|Your BVI registered agent

BVI company setup: Know how a BVI registered agent and BVI company secretary can help you!

A new company brings in new jurisdiction; BVI company secretary is what you need.

If your agenda is to capture the South Asian market as part of your business strategy, it is very important that certain rules and regulations are strictly followed. As part of the offshore company formation, it is important to note that BVI company setup has certain regulations that are to be considered. Stop worrying! With a BVI registered agent, you can get complete details of this process in a systematic manner.

The South Asian market: A new soil to explore:

The most important point that has to be noted while exploring a new market is the demand that is present there and the ideal niche that a company has to create. If you think that your company already has a presence in the foreign market, think again!

Hong Kong in present times has become one of the most sought-after business destinations, and there is more than a single company which is targeting the same domain. To ensure that your venture stays afloat on the top, you need to check out regulations from BVI registered agent.

Once the details of product and associated issues are done, it is correct following of these regulations that would help you play in the long run.

BVI company setup: Must know facts:

Having strong relations with British Virgin Islands company law, this is a principal statute that is associated with regulating domestic and offshore companies in a particular domain. Since, Hong Kong was an important colony of the British, prevalence of this statute in present company is quite understandable.

Therefore, while forming any offshore company within Hong Kong area, it is mandatory to follow legislations based on this statute.

Registration process: To ensure that your registration goes in a correct manner

  • Higher authorities need to be provided a copy of your business plan and capital investment.
  • Apart from that personal details as passport, area of expansion and business venture, Certificates of bank accounts, ID proof, residential proof is also to be given.
  • Another very important aspect that is a part of this statute is appointing a BVI company secretary who is a resident of Hong Kong.

Once these details are followed, getting a bank account and starting off with business venture is a stone’s throw away.

Wondering how to deal with all these details? A professional as a BVI registered agent can help you deal with such issues. Knowing the area well, they can chart a course for you to follow. Also, with a BVI company secretary, you need not worry about the internal aspects of business, as they will be taken care of in the best manner.

Check out the services of Executive Solutions Limited and have a safe and planned BVI company setup.