Different Types of China Virtual Office Plans

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Different Types of China Virtual Office Plans

A virtual office can be defined as the operational domain of any business or organization set up; whose workforce includes a significant proportion of workers, using technology to perform their work at home. The concept of a virtual office came from a combination of technological innovation and the information age. This idea finds its origins in the Industrial Revolution, where parallel current or regular working styles have been drawn in the form of “working from home” The work from home culture or simply WFH is an exceedingly popular work culture today, where young individual prefer to create their work environment at home. This culture or trend has revolutionized the executive suite industry.

Ralph Gregory was the first person to incept the idea of the virtual office in 1994, and registered it as “The Virtual Office, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. The term virtual office implies space utilization; however, a complete application includes professional live communication. If your venture needs a virtual connect point in China, virtual office trumps the actual or tangible office space. A Virtual office is perhaps the quickest, simplest, and cheapest ways to have a workplace. Many firms offer China virtual office plans with the use of address, phone numbers, fax, and even staff of an actual office, where customer don’t work.

A team of professionals is engaged by such firms and will answer calls to the customer’s unique phone number the way the client prefers. The team also notifies the client immediately whenever a mail arrives so that the customer can come to pick up or have it redirect to another address. Some China virtual office plans offered by renowned business solutions firms include the following:

Professional Plan
Features of a professional plan for a virtual office has local Hong Kong telephone number answered in your company name through a dedicated telephonic operator. Provide letterheads address and business cards through in house resources. A local fax number and free weekly mail marketing services and or even mail storage to up to a certain volume, are some other features of this plan.
Executive Plan
The business executive plan commonly includes use of office address for letterheads and business cards purposes, a local telephone number that will be promptly answered by a dedicated resource for customer service centre and support; in addition, the local fax number and no charges on monthly forwarding and storing of mails.
Basic Plan
The basic plan at a reputed China virtual office firm must include telephone and address details for letterheads and business cards. Second, the most important feature as mentioned in other plans as well is free of charge mail storage up to a certain number. Third, virtual office builders provide mail-forwarding services on a certain charge; which excludes handling and postal charges.

Common to all types of virtual office plans are communication services. A detailed view of communication services includes a remote receptionist, a virtual assistant, call answering services, voice mailing,and phone answering service. The main potential of a virtual office service lies in providing communication and address services without providing a dedicated or tangible office space.