Importance of Company Seals Hong Kong Today

How to use company seal? In Hong Kong, under the New Companies Ordinance (NCO), companies are no longer required to have a common seal. Contact Executive Solutions Ltd to know more.

Importance of Company Seals Hong Kong Today

What is a Corporate or Company Seal? A common form of notification for corporate and business worldwide is a company seal. These are commonly used on business envelopes and official document. These seals were once used as an important form of legal documentation. Today, company seal Hong Kong are used largely as vanity imprints, which are used as corporate brand and identities on a global scale. Company seals have rich history, which can be dated back to many centuries ago. The concept has evolved with time based on technological advancements to improve and distinguish corporate entities.

Today, seals are used on important legal documents and official papers. This was the basic objective seals have been used for thousands of years. Ancient type of sealing has revolutionized into modern day company seal Hong Kong or corporate seals. A Company Seal has an upper die and lower die which when pressed brings the dies tightly together. Therefore, it produces a raised imprint, which is used to emboss directly into the paper or used with red seals. Red seals are self-adhesive, similar to ancient wax impressive from before. In a modern day company seal Hong Kong, the process is quick and prescribed use in company’s administration.

A company engaged in international transaction should use a company seal to officiate legal documents. Legalizing a document through a company seal is a requirement in hundred of jurisdictions across the globe. In countries like Hong Kong, company seal is essential for a lawyer or legal arbitrator to recognize the efficiency of a legal contract. Therefore, a duly sealed document will only be taken into consideration.

As mentioned earlier, corporate seals have been used for business purposes since the middle Ages. In those days, official documents were marked to ensure its importance and to identify; who or what was certifying them. For instance, the Vatican or the aristocracy would seal official documents to designate. In addition, company seals enforce and execute the legality of the documents. In the past, in order to legitimize any document, barristers poured hot wax onto them, and then imprinted the wax with a ring that bore the seal of the business or corporation that legalizes the documentation. Seals were personalized for each company, bearing its logo, company name, copyright date, and patent number.

As emphasized throughout the article, company seals Hong Kong sole objective is to legitimize the execution of documents. Quintessentially, corporate seals are devices that stamp or imprint information about a corporation onto relevant documents. These provide a legal imprimatur to any documentation, furthermore authorizes the execution of said documents. A company seal Hong Kong characteristically carry information, including the company’s legal name and the year and state the company was established. This is a way of identifying objectives of a business entity. At present however, company seal Hong Kong serve very little legal purpose, because its legitimization of documents only need the signatures of the president and vice-president of the company. Nowadays, corporations use seals, though, mostly as means for corporate branding or identification.