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With a physical address and skilled staff, Company Secretary Hong Kong provides you user- and customer-friendly office solutions from telephone answering to timely reporting personalized to facilitate your business.

Company Secretary Hong Kong services | Executive Solutions Ltd

Duties and need for professionalism!

For a business that is to be developed while racing against time, a Company Secretary Hong Kong is your necessity!

If you are planning on extending your business in the domains of Hong Kong, it is imperative for you to know about the details of company formation. As per norms placed by Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every company both in the private and public domain registered in Hong Kong has to have a company secretary.

From its date of inception, this company secretary is the person who is taken as the spokesperson of that company dealing with various accounting details. Also, most companies which are currently being set up in Hong Kong are offshore companies, which make presence of Company Secretary mandatory.


If you are new into the Hong Kong business zone, then you must be aware of the concept of having a company secretary who is a resident of that country. Well, the primary reason for having this regulation is to ensure that companies looking for profit should have a correct knowledge of the rules of business and act accordingly. It is only an insider who can prove to be the correct guide.

1. Secretary of a company is a corporate body; it is imperative that registered body should have an office in Hong Kong.

2. The secretary is to be appointed by the Board of Directors as per the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

As a note of caution, it is important to note that while you are making a choice regarding the position of secretary of a company, you should consult experts in domain of marketing of company. As a novice in Hong Kong, there are chances that you might end up getting the wrong person. However, with a team of experts guiding you, you will be in safe hands.

Responsibilities associated:

As a Company Secretary Hong Kong of a start-up, there are a number of duties that have to be performed. Someone, with an in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong corporate world, can carry forth this process with élan.

  • Maintains track of transfer shares and statutory registers
  • Provides guidance to Board of Directors about ways to deal with Company Law
  • Being aware of the company laws deals with legal issues both within domestic purview and extension offices of that company
  • Protects the company’s assets and supervises arrangements regarding ways to deal with shareholders and associated parties

Now you are aware of the heavy duties that are to be carried out by Company Secretary Hong Kong? Well, it is clearly the domain that only an expert can deal with in the best manner. Check out professionals from Executive Solutions Limited in Hong Kong as you plan to extend your business in this Chinese arena.