General Guidelines for a Hong Kong Work Visa

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General Guidelines for a Hong Kong Work Visa

In recent years, Hong Kong may be seen a downward surge in expatriate employment. This is because local professionals or mainland immigrants are now filling up most executive jobs. This trend is a major change from a time when western expatriates acquired majority of employment here. Subsequently, Hong Kong work Visa has become increasingly difficult to obtain for overseas or western expats. However, you needn’t be discouraged by this new trend, as there are still ample of opportunities left, and Hong Kong remains to be a major hub for expat employment. All you must do, fulfill some basic list of requirements or a number of unfixed criteria must be satisfied for the same. Here in this article emphasizes on what an individual needs to do for a work permit or work Visa in Hong Kong.

Being a major expat employment hub for expat employment, however, one must not forget to do proper research above everything else. First, and foremost, you need to obtain an offer of work from a company operational in Hong Kong. Ideally, you want to do this before you move to Hong Kong on your own expense. While the Hong Kong Immigration service official says that you shouldn’t move to Hong Kong unless you have acquired a job at a company here, the authorities are well aware that it is not always possible to do that. You generally need to be physically present in Hong Kong in order to seek a job here. Fortunately, you needn’t worry as you can apply for a work Visa in Hong Kong if you have acquired a job while already staying in Hong Kong. The Immigration service will rarely ask any questions, as long as the documentation is cleared without any problems. However, you will need to leave and re-enter the country in order to activate the work Visa Hong Kong.

Your aren’t alone in acquiring work Visa once an employer has sanctioned an official appointment letter of employment in your name. Your employer’s company or a business executive solutions firm will work closely with you in order to assist in applying for a Hong Kong work Visa. It is important to note, while most application are accepted, there are a number of forms that are rejected as well, by the Hong Kong Immigration office. The precise criteria used by the immigration authorities here remains unclear; however, here are some basic guidelines you ought to work in accordance with.

  1. Hong Kong work Visa applicants must be at least a graduate, unless they possess a certain specialized skill set or a technical expertise in a certain field.
  2. The work Visa applicant must have relevant experience in the positions they have applied for in the Honk Kong Company.
  3. The salary offered must meet the local professional standards in Hong Kong. The lower limit for the same is generally HK$20,000.
  4. An employer’s company will have to prove that the position cannot be filled by a local personnel, or there is a shortage of supply of that particular skill set in the city. The employer must be able to justify hiring an expatriate.
  5. The individual who have the opportunity to work in Hong Kong must contribute towards boosting the local economy.

Besides the above considerations, note that the Hong Kong immigration service is an extremely professional organization. The work Visa Hong Kong process in general cases doesn’t take longer than seven to eight weeks. However, in case an immigration office needs to make further inquiries, there might be delays.