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Exclusive corporate services for Samoa Company Setup is well-provided including offshore incorporation, management, audits, taxation and essential legal assistance. Start-ups and individual businesses are also supported.

Samoa Company Setup and registry | Executive Solutions Limited

Know all that is required for setting up your business!

Are you planning to move into the South East zone with your offshore business? Samoa company setup is all ready to ensure that your new business is as flourishing as before. So Samoa is a corporate destination that is extremely new to you? Well, you are not the only one! There are many for whom this Polynesian nation has emerged as a surprise domain for accelerating their business deals.

Coming with options as confidentiality protection, single taxation policy, financial support from some of the topmost institutions as World Bank and Asian Development Bank, this is gaining fast momentum in current economic world.

Clearly, time for you to check out details associated with it!

Samoa company setup: Details associated with this format:

With the existing service structure suitable for the domain of Samoa, multiple accounting and law firms are setting up their accounts in this domain. So, what are you waiting for? Note the advantages that make this domain an instant attraction.


  1. There is no double taxation policy in this domain, hence in case of any fiscal inquiry owners of that company can remain protected.
  2. This area is completely private, hence details of shareholders and directors associated with the company is not divulged.
  3. Not only can company’s name be presented in any language along with Chinese, documents of this company can also be stored in any language.
  4. Relocation of this concerned company is allowed.
  5. Incorporation takes a minimal time for 48 hours while directors and shareholders may just be corporate bodies.
  6. Those companies which pay an annual license fee of 5, 10 and 20 years would get a certain discount rate.

Therefore, with such positive points in case of any new company, chances of Samoa company setup have increased in recent times.

Specific details needed for setting up:

  1. There should be one Director (nominee director is allowed), Company Secretary and shareholder associated with this new firm.
  2. A virtual office setup is required with email and telephone forwarding facility available.
  3. Purchasing of a shelf company along with registered company. This whole process may take a maximum period of 15 days.
  4. There should be copies of ID proofs of shareholders and directors.
  5. It is important that the company name should have Chinese and English alternatives.
  6. The total costs associated with this incorporation of IBC and government fees add up to the US $800-1000. However, registered capital for a business is generally taken to be US$ 1 million.

Now that you have got the details, time to deal with them in a correct manner. It is here that professionals from Executive Solutions Limited will help and guide you in Samoa company setup. Get set go!