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We provide Seychelles company setup services, cost-effective and express in nature, supported by qualified legal, company secretarial and accounting experts across the world, from offshore company formation to taxation.

Seychelles company setup services | Executive Solutions Limited

Areas of expertise and benefits associated!

If you are looking to expand your business in the zones of Africa, nothing can offer you better deals than Seychelles company setup. What is it? Where from? How will it help? Well, stop! Those set of queries have answers, and finally, your issues regarding expansion of company truly have a solution.

In comparison to other domains, in recent years, Seychelles have improved in terms of establishment of offshore companies. With the establishment of the company, bank accounts can be set up in any of the financial centers of the world with maximum returns.

However, before jumping the gun make sure that you have the correct set of experts guiding you through this process.

Seychelles company setup: Areas that this company specializes in:

If you are planning on getting profits from your company associated with domain of Seychelles, it is imperative that certain specific businesses be concentrated upon.

  • Business associated with transportation and shipment, along with owning and leasing of yachts and other vessels.
  • Internet and forex trading along with investments.
  • The title associated with any property along with aspects like royalty, patent, copyright, trademark shares in other organizations.
  • Any kind of offshore savings and stock related issues.

Thus, on the whole, it is important that with these business options, you check out what Seychelles has in store for you!

Advantages associated with these set-ups:

For those wondering as to how Seychelles company setup is winning hearts, here’s the reason.

  • The ideal place to start-up a company minus any initial capital pay-up and annual maintenance costs.
  • This company that you have set up has options of multiple usages with a flexible legislation policy.
  • This area is a tax haven. Hence, it is exempted from any form of annual filing and accounting along with audited statements.
  • As per the law, confidentiality of business and privacy of owners is guaranteed.

Well, with such positives in tow, naturally this whole process of setting up a company and garnering maximum profit out of it is raging in the market.

Additional points:

1. In case of Seychelles offshore business identities, there is no public roster maintained for shareholders and directors.

2. As per the bank secrecy regulation, Seychelles is the 2nd most promising tax haven after Samoa.

Hence, these provide more than enough reasons for you to venture in this domain.

Note of caution: As a known fact Seychelles is a new place for you. Hence, while you are considering Seychelles company setup, there might be certain difficulties before you. Only an expert in this domain will help you get the required solution. Check out services of Executive Solutions Limited at the earliest.