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When you contact Executive Solutions, you will speak directly to a member of our Business Advisory Team, which consists of qualified company secretaries and accountants, specially trained in Singapore Company Formation, corporate managements, accounting and audits, as well as trade support services. Our staff will be delighted to assist you, free of charge, by answering any queries you may have.

Executive Solutions Limited was founded on the premise that entrepreneurs require a service that empowers them to achieve their business incorporation goals in the most cost-effective and expeditious way while maintaining the highest level of personal confidence in the quality of the corporate services offered. It is our mission and pleasure to provide a quality service, helping new businesses with the first step on their journey to success. Come join our growing family of satisfied clients and professionals.

Executive Solutions brings under one roof a full range of professional services including company formation and corporate management, corporate banking, accounting and taxation, international trading strategies, trade support services, immigration visa and business start up services for all business types and sizes in Hong Kong and throughout the world. A global professional services firm, we work with handpicked professional service consultants in key locations who are legally qualified in law, taxation and accounting. Consequently, we are able to engineer effective global offshore structures for our clients.

Our clients vary from small, individual businesses to large corporate multinationals. Whatever the nature of your business or its objectives, our personnel are equipped with a thorough understanding of the latest global economic situation and have all the necessary tools and techniques to achieve your set-up goals. If you are a personal finance service provider to businesses and individuals or just interested in elevating your business structure and status, look for Executive Solutions.

The fees for such services depend upon each client's specific requirements and are mutually agreed with the client prior to the commencement of any assignment.

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Registered Office- Each BVI company registration must have a physical address. Note that the address should not be a post office box. A company is free to change the registered address at any point of time; the only condition is to notify the Registrar.

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What is a Corporate or Company Seal? A common form of notification for corporate and business worldwide is a company seal. These are commonly used on business envelopes and official document. These seals were once used as an important form of legal documentation. Today, company seal Hong Kong are used largely as vanity imprints, which are used as corporate brand and identities on a global scale. Company seals have rich history, which can be dated back to many centuries ago. The concept has evolved with time based on technological advancements to improve and distinguish corporate entities.

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An International Business Company or IBC is the most commonly used term for what is more widely known as an offshore company. IBC’s are considered the basic building blocks of the offshore financial services industry. A modern BVI offshore company is a private corporate organization, which is exempted from tax. Offshore company guidelines are suitable for virtually any international business activity. The company has a reasonably pliant organizational structure. It is not bogged down with excessive reporting and book or record keeping. Most importantly, BVI offshore company maintains a strict confidentiality provisions.